Piu Mahapatra

Kolkata / Virginia (USA)


Be it a celebration or even parting with life, flowers can convey the deepest feelings in the most lucid way. They are my muses and touchstone of my paintings. Unlike botanical illustrations my studies of the blooms or the dried-beauties attempt to capture the ephemeral nature of life as well as its continuous, renewal spirit. Apart from the quiet daily strolls in the woods, which are always so rewarding with their treasures of wild blossoms and dried berries (my favorite subject of exploration in art), my students are the ones who have also played an instrumental role in inspiring me to constantly create. I believe, Edward Klimt's landscapes and Rabindranath Tagore's poetries have the same magical power on me of transforming any gloomy-wintery-dark afternoons to a daisy-faced-cheerful-spring day. Most favorite means of rendering swivels between pen drawing and acrylic painting