Satish Mane



Nature has a big influence on Satish;'s artworks. As an artist, he attempts to capture the beauty of nature — its changing seasons, colours, and moods. He also enjoy bringing a burst of colour to the canvas in the shape of flowers, fruits, and foliage. He frequently use the pointillism technique — a dotted colour application on canvas – for this. This technique not only allows him to do justice to nature's creations, but it also allows him to spend more time exploring its fascinating world. Greeshma's phenomenon - the spring season — has completely enchanted him. It is the most beautiful season in his opinion. The colours of spring are rich, vibrant, and vivid. Autumn is another season that fascinates , as millions of trees change gorgeous shades of red, orange, gold, purple, and yellow. Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower, as someone so aptly put it.